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npsranger's Journal

Park Rangers
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npsranger is a community for all Park Rangers working for the National Park Service. We welcome STEPs, Seasonals, and Permanent Rangers of all kinds.
Whether you're in the city or the back country, interpretation or protection, brand-new or well-seasoned, if you wear the green and gray and know how to rock a stetson, this is the community for you!
This community is a place to share experiences and get ideas. Did you have a program go really well that you want to share? Did you have it go really badly and need ideas on how to improve? Do you want advice on how to do better interpretation? Are you looking to change posts and want help with your KSAs? Completely confused about uniform sizing? Got a cute visitor story to share? Got an annoying visitor story to share? That's what we're here for. It's a place on LJ for Park Rangers to hang out with other Park Rangers and share the joys and frustrations of protecting "the natural and cultural resources" of the US.
There are only a few:
The first is be civil. That should be obvious, but this is the Internet, so it bears repeating.
Libel Avoid it. If you can't stand your coworkers, that's fine, we all have those days, and this community is a place where you can share your bad days. But please, for your own job security, don't make public posts that have identifying information in which you call your site manager a nasty name or claim s/he's incompetent. You're an adult, and I'm not a lawyer. I won't delete or lock posts on these grounds, but if someone stumbles along and figures out that frank works at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site, frank's site manager may be able to fire him for what he says in his blog (this is true whether in your own blog or in any community, afaik). So if you're bitching about your coworkers or visitors, I suggest you lock it and avoid too much indentifying information.
Membership: It's open, and unless I see some need, it's going to stay that way. I'm not going to make you prove that you're a Park Ranger, but if you're not, why are you here?
So basically- play nice, and don't say anything that'll get you into trouble at work.

Any problems or questions, contact me using the info in my userinfo.

PS- I wanted to list every Park Service site in the interests, but there are way too many. So just pretend they're there.
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