Raisha Novar (raisha_novar) wrote in npsranger,
Raisha Novar

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

What happens to park rangers when they get bored? The answer here.

[Scene: Liz, a park ranger, goes to the park headquarters and finds that the secretary is not at her desk to buzz Liz into the building. Liz eyes the intercom box nervously.]

Liz: *sighs and presses the intercom button*

Intercom: Welcome to McDonald's.

Liz: *momentarily confused* Yeah, I'd like a ah ... cheeseburger and medium fries.

Intercom: Would you like to supersize that?

Liz: *leans nonchalantly against wall near intercom* Yes. I would.

Intercom: Thank you. Please pull around to the first window.

Door: *buzzes and lets Liz in*
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